Some definitions of pastry terms :

The Entremets : literary this word is composed from two French words “entre” and “mets”, which means between two meals, this preparation was served between meals to occupy guests seated for long hours, After the nineteenth century the sweet dessert as we know it today took place in the French culinary culture, there is multiple kind of entremets like the Bavarois, the Charlotte, the Fraisier …etc

The Genoise : is an Italian sponge cake that is usually used as a base of the entremets or cakes.

The Dacquoise  : is a very tasty cake that is made with a French meringue and an almond flour, pistachio flour, or coconut powder, it is used as a base of the entremets.

The Joconde : is a cake that is made with almond and whole eggs, very flexible, it is used mostly for rolled cake or as a base of the entremets …Etc.

The Choux pastry : is a very light dough used to make Eclair, Paris Brest, Salambo .. Etc

The French meringue and The Italian meringue: the French meringue is made with adding sugar to whipped egg whites, however the Italian meringue is made with adding homemade syrup to whipped egg whites.
The French meringue is the most known, easy to make and you can preserve it several days.
The Italian meringue is more complicated to make but for me it is the best, I use it everywhere, for lighten the butter cream, to make Macaroons…etc.

The Praline : The praline is a paste (Liquid or thick) that is basically the result of a chopped caramelized almond and hazelnut, the praline is usually added to the creams or mousse to give them a fabulous praline taste.

The Pastry cream : In short, the pastry cream is made of  Milk, Sugar, Flour, Eggs…and a good hand to combine them, this cream is used everywhere, entremets, cake ,Choux pastries, mille feuille..etc

The sweet pastry : is a paste used a lot in french pastries like  tarts ,pies, tartlets ..etc

The Gelatin Bloom is a test to measure the strength of the gelatin.

The Agar Agar : is a substance obtained from algae, used as a substitution for gelatin.