Lemon Macaroons
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Lemon macaroons

The lemon macaroons are one of my favorite type of macaroons, either made with yellow or green lemon, the taste of those macaroons is really incredible. They are fresh and the lemon curd  in this recipe makes them less sweet compared to classic macaroons usually filled with Ganache, if you carefully follow the steps below,  you should hopefully obtain a good […]

Strawberry Macaroons
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Strawbery macaroons (Christophe Felder)

Yum I took this recipe from Christophe Felder’s Pastry book (Patisserie L’ultime Reference) that is called the Bible of the French pastry. Unfortunately this book doesn’t exist in English, so I try sharing with you some marvelous recipes that you can’t fail !!, actually all the recipe of Felder are really precise, the result is […]

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Chocolate Macaroons (Christophe Felder)

Today I chose to do the most classic macaroons, the chocolate macaroon, actually there are several recipes to make these macaroons but my favorite is the one made with the Italian meringue and stuffed with a dark chocolate Ganache (I used a professional dark chocolate 70% cocoa). I keep the weights of the ingredients in […]