About Me

Hello!  welcome to my blog.

My name is Amira, I am a computer programmer living in New Jersey for the last two years. I moved to the US from France in 2014.
When I am not in front of my computer writing lines of code I spend a lot of my free time baking, trying new recipes and reading pastry books.

Being from an Algerian and French culture, I decided to create this blog to introduce you to a kind of pastry that I really like and remind me of my childhood, the Algerian pastry. I will also try to share with you my love for the world of the elegance and the perfection which is the French pastry.

This blog is also a great challenge for me because I never wrote in English and I am still learning this beautiful language so if you find some errors don’t hesitate to correct me,

Finally feel free to ask me any question about my recipes in English or French, I will be more than happy to share with you my knowledge.

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Why do You use GRAMS instead of Cups?

I use grams instead of ounces or cups because I am used to do so (We don’t use cups in France and Algeria) and also because I tried the recipes that you can find on my blog several times before writing this blog using European measures. So I don’t want to make mistakes while converting the units and share with you recipes with false measures.

but don’t worry about it, using grams is really easy, any “culinary” scale that you find on the market will be able to display the measures in Grams.

Can I use your photography/recipes on my website or blog ?

You can not copy my recipes and reuse them on your own website or blog but you can use a single picture on your personal website or blog only if you give the credits to me for the picture and Add a visible link under it pointing to the original post you took it from.