The Praline

The Praline

I keep the weights of the ingredients in grams to avoid rounding them and giving you wrong measures,  I suggest you to use a scale that indicates the weight in grams.


  • (240 g) almond or half Almond half hazelnut
  • (160 g) sugar
  • (15 g) water


  • In a large pan bring the sugar and the water to a boil over medium heat.
  • When the temperature reaches 249F (121 c) add the almond while stirring, don’t worry if the sugar crystallize, it is the normal process it will melt again.
  • Once the sugar and almonds caramelize remove it from heat and put it on a Silicone backing mats, allow to cool .
  • Once the mixture is cold, break it in small pieces and chop them in the food processor (big pieces could damage your food processor). in the beginning it becomes a powder, then and after a couple of minutes it will be a thick paste, at this stage keep chopping until you get a peanut butter texture like in the picture below.
    (The quality of the praline depends of the power of the food processor, I usually use a KitchenAid food processor because it is strong and the result is perfect).

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